Prevent MS Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack

Sunshine is very important to health.Smog filters out the good rays and lets the bad rays hit your skin.
Your skin is a solar panel for the body that makes important chemicals such as Vitamin D and Nitrous Oxide.
Your blood will not flow without Nitrous Oxide that dilates the blood vessels allowing the red blood cells to move thru the tiniest of capillaries.
Most americans are Vitamin D deficient because they no longer work in the fields, hunting, gathering, fishing, etc.
Cancer MS heart diseases just a few of the problems that result.

Wear shorts and tank tops.
You need to live south of San Diego.
Texas Florida aregood states far enough south and big with good economy.
High altitude is best, such as Lubbock Texas Tech University 3333 foot elevation.
Oregon Seattle smoke pot drink coffee and beer because they are depressed deranged liberals losing their mind and dying from multiple diseases because of lack of sunshine.


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