Trump Clinton Re: What a mess….everything is rigged

Mostly agree but The rich around the world will collude and conspire to fleece the sheeple worldwide
The rich will avoid war with each other but will encourage small conflicts that will distract the sheeple from their fleecing and wear the sheeple down so they are too tired to unite and fight off the rich.
Richer rich will collude to fight off and maybe make war on lesser rich (Assad?) continued jihad in the middle east and other trouble spots.
But mostly the rich will continue to get richer while the poor will get poorer and sicker and stupider.

Trump may reduce some of the exploitation and make some things more fair but mostly more of the same.
He is a loose cannon rolling around on the deck.
Nobody knows what he will do.

Neither Trump nor Clinton mentioned sauerkraut, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, collards or any of the vegetables that people need to build strength, health, brains…
Sleep, exercise, more college and less electronics are needed.
Both poor and rich would be smarter, healthier, wealthier, and less hostile toward each other if they would learn better lifestyles.

Electronics teaches idiots to repeat mantras without knowing what the words mean.


On Oct 11, 2016, at 8:07 PM, Ron wrote:

Agree very much with the assessment. The major problem is that the American people as we have discussed are trained in procedure and not in objective assessment and analysis. The reason why many Americans will not listen to well reasoned arguments is that it does not compute. They are busy trying to look for a procedure to follow. The procedure must come from someone ostensibly in power. Arguments as to lack of legitimacy of those persons and the system itself cannot be assimilated and are in fact resisted.

Standing guard,


On 11 October 2016 at 15:23, Lothar wrote:
Peace, Lothar

Date: October 11, 2016 at 14:17:52 PDT
Subject: What a mess….everything is rigged

My dear friends,
I believe that most people do not understand that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are BOTH being run by the same Criminal Enterprise, a Mafia of Globalist/Banksters, in short by G&S.
The American people have been fooled by this ‘shell-game’ for a long time. The ‘candidates’ [prospective puppets] for president [Democrat or Republican] were always carefully selected by the Elite/Banksters and financed by them.
Whenever the Mafia pushed their agenda too hard, and the majority of people cried out at the Government, then, they “pacified” the people by “giving them” the opposite Party, next time around.
This evil game could be played forever, until somebody could find a way to break into the system, and throw the establishment out.
So far NOBODY could break this evil system/deception, because it takes $Millions to run for president, that ONLY the Elite/Mafia could supply, thus manipulate the 99% of the people.
This time around this rigged system was penetrated [surprise] by a independent wealthy person/candidate who had his own $Millions to finance his run.

He could liberate us [uphold the Constitution again] from the 1% Mafia/Rulers !
(Since we really have only two parties, this independent person had to choose and run under the [phony opposition party] Republican ticket, to have a chance to become President)
The danger to the Mafia/Rulers is clear, they are freaking out. They never thought that their game ‘could be up’.
The person who could destroy THEIR MONOPOLY is Donald Trump. A business man, not a bought [slick talking] politician.
The Banksters are desperately trying to stop Trump.
Since the Banksters have been in power and fooled/brainwashed the people for so long, it is a enormous struggle for Trump to wake up [re-program] the people, and later break the back of the Mafia.
People soon realize, that these Criminal Neocons/Banksters/Globalists gotten so powerful over the years, by taking over [among other things] the Media, TV/Radio and News-Papers in the U.S. [& Western Countries], to manipulate the masses, to become even more powerful with their PNAC/NWO wars for domination, plans for a One World Government/Tyranny to enslave the rest of the world.
Once the Soviet Union fell, the Neocon/Banksters took us into open ended wars for hegemony. (PNAC, moving NATO eastward risking another World War, etc.) Madness ! Russia will not surrender ! Neither will China ! Nuclear war is on the horizon !
A independent Billionaire, like Donald Trump, could ruin the RULER’S plans.
WW3 can be prevented by Trump only now !
Trump would stop our aggression and assure Putin/Russia to relax, because our PNAC-Imperialistic wars, regime changes WILL STOP !
The [G&S] Goldman & Sachs, Wall-street Banksters believe they can eliminate the ‘Donald Threat’ by using their ‘Media Monopoly-Power’ to brainwash the sheeple into their direction toward Hillary. Hopefully they will fail !
These people will do ANYTHING to discredit Trump. (Even though Trump is far from perfect, but he is the only shot we have, to liberate us and to prevent a World War)
If Trump really gets elected [despite a high danger of voter fraud, stealing for Hillary] he will be in danger of being assassinated by these Globalists, if he refuses to serve them.
Every President [since Kennedy] has been a puppet, serving the Neocons/Banksters.The people were clueless.
People are slowly waking up questioning 9/11, Snowden Revelations etc.
Sorry, our Government is corrupt ! We are in a mess ! Manipulated to the max, close to economic collapse/another World-War !
We are living in the most interesting times ever. Good luck to all of us !
If Trump is for real, he will be THE patriot for Centuries !
Peace !


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