illegal marijuana crime, illness, death, destruction

Illegal marijuana is sold by illegal drug pushers who get rich by hooking youth into lifelong addiction.

Legal marijuana would sold to adults by legal licensed pharmacists and legitimate businesses.

Organic USA grown marijuana would be safer than the toxic plants grown by Muslims and Mexicans using herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals.

Grow Organic in your back yard would be free $ and require no fossil fuels or taxes or herbicides. Garden for exercise, sun, boost IQ.

Marijuana is cheaper, safer, and more effective than most of the psychoactive junk given to kids nowadays.

Most IQ reduction now is due to fluoridated water, mercury fillings, junk food, electronics, and other neurotoxins.

Illegalization of marijuana supports illegals, cops, robbers, money laundering, fossil fuels, the prison industrial establishment, the medical industrial establishment, and a host of unsavory, immoral and illegal activities.


retired wrote:

The earlier you try marijuana, the lower your IQ, study claims via


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