Clinton ? Re: Why Trump Will Win.

I did not know Hilary had HIV AIDS

Some truth to the below. But Obama is a popular President with high approval ratings. He supports Clinton. People want more of the same. Continuity.

More Muslim than Jew voters.
Vote early. Vote often. Mexico dreamers. Voter fraud.

Clinton wants to tax millionaires at death while Trump wants to drop the death tax. Outrageous!!! Cost him the election.

Clinton will probably win forcing me to move to Arkansas.

If Hilary drops dead then Trump will lose to Bernie Sanders who is more anti establishment and less crooked than Hilary.

None can reverse the deflation of the poor 99% health and wealth. People don’t know wtf ails them.

SHTF already. All have multiple fatal degenerative diseases. Only a few have good diet and exercise. Brains destroyed they are too lazy and stupid to get MD and are not even enrolled in 1 basic freshman Science class

Fate is sealed.

On Sep 24, 2016, at 17:16, “John wrote

This was on my Facebook page. It’s plausible. What do you think?


Why Trump Will Win.
Read to the end…. and share….

1. Hillary followers have no enthusiasm.
Trump on the other hand can draw 30,000 to a stadium everywhere in the country. Hillary can’t even fill a room and had to offer 50 dollars on Craigslist to try and fill seats at her own convention. This will translate into a higher turnout to vote by Trump supporters. In Florida in early voting there are already over 100,000 more Republicans than Democrats that have sent absentee ballots.
2. Clinton represents the status quo and all polls show 70% of Americans believe that we have been headed in the wrong direction, and people now have access to a multitude of news sources that are independent of the liberal establishment.
3. Clinton is mired in all the Obama mistakes and therefore basically is running as an incumbent forced to defend Obama. In most elections the challenger picks up 2/3 of those who are still undecided by election day. If they liked the incumbent, they would already be voting for her.
4. Unemployment is in real terms the highest since the great depression of the 1930s with only 60% of adults actually having a full time job and one in five households have nobody in the work force. 50 million are on food stamps. This is the first time household income is actually below where it was eight years prior. People no longer believe government rosy statements about economy. 5. Clinton is boring and sickly while Trump is exciting and high energy.
6. Clinton has become afraid of the press and has not had a real press conference in almost a year. Meanwhile Trump isn’t afraid of anyone and is constantly having press conferences and the media loves it because Trump means TV ratings and ratings bring in advertising dollars. Trump is a master showman, while Clinton is unpleasant to watch.
7. Gender gap. While Clinton is struggling to get half of women, 70% of men prefer Trump based on empirical evidence. Pollsters are missing this completely for the same reasons all polls said Carter would beat Reagan right up to election day when Reagan took 44 states and Carter took 6 states.
8. Scandals. Clinton has more scandals than her husband has bimbos. Trump is clean, does not smoke, or drink, and does not even accept money from lobbyists. While Clinton sold America’s uranium to the Russians and pocketed 140 million dollars, Trump takes from nobody and has built a huge collection of over 500 successful businesses employing hundreds of thousands of people.
9. Clinton represents the establishment while Trump represents a fresh approach. Trump has broad appeal with major niche blocks such as law enforcement, veterans (20 percent of population), gun owners, those who lost their insurance due to Obamacare, and those put out of work because of bad trade deals. Combined, these niche markets are a solid majority, and then there are the evangelicals and they love that Trump wants to repeal the Johnson amendment so that preachers can voice political opinions in church.
10. Trump can use humor and make people laugh while Clinton is as dry as the Gobi desert and her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. 11. America is done with politicians and is very ready for a citizen candidate. 12. America is tired of overregulation and yearns for a return to more freedom.
13. Americans are tired of high taxes and paying for everyone else as well as foreign countries. Time to rebuild America. 14. America has had it with illegal immigration.
15. America is terrified by radical Islamic terrorism and want a leader who will at least recognize the problem.
16. All the top advisors to Obama, Kerry, and Clinton are Muslims and most people do not like it.
17. Trump got more primary votes than any Republican in history, while Clinton had trouble getting 50% in many states. Republican turnout is way up while Democrat turnout is very depressed.
18. Independents are done with the Clinton’s (and the Bushes) and simply will not vote for her (nor would they vote for Jeb)
19. Just like when Reagan won, people want a leader who is optimistic, thinks outside the box, and knows how to attract top talent to government. Subconsciously they are thinking “Trump always got the best architects, brick layers, planners and managers for his businesses and now he will do that for us.
20. Trump proved in the primaries he does not need a big budget and can use his skills instead of other people’s money to get the best results.
21. Hillary Clinton’s health is seriously impaired. She is subject to seizures, is developing Parkinson’s Disease, has fainting spells, has lapses in mid sentences, needs help climbing stairs, has become incontinent and needs diapers. She is entirely medically unfit to be president. She even takes days off at a time just to rest.
22. Bill Clinton has become gaunt and even looks like he may have AIDS. A call girl who just published a book that says that Bill Clinton was the source of her AIDS infection. Numerous sources have reported Bill Clinton has had unprotected sex with over 2,000 women as well as under age girls numerous times on a Caribbean location known as Lolita Island. He has become a liability to an already weak Hillary.
23. The Daybreak LA Times/USC Dornsife Poll which is very accurate, polls daily, and has a very large sample of 3,000 daily shows Trump surging ahead and if you add to that the party out of power historically receives two thirds of the undecided vote, it is starting to look like a margin similar to the Reagan landslide victory over Carter.
24. Trump has more followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and leads Clinton in all proactive polls.
25. 25 percent of voters in this years republican primaries are people who have never voted before which has swelled the Trump numbers and they are not being included in polls that only contact voters that voted in prior years. This “hidden” groundswell of voters will be felt full force on election day. These voters are why Trump has far surpassed all prior republicans in total primary votes in all years in spite of a crowded field.This hidden vote has become known as the “Monster Vote” because of its size.
26. Even liberal pollsters are showing Trump pulling ahead in battleground states and even surging to near winning states like Michigan and Pennsylvania that have not gone Republican since 1988.
27. Large numbers of blacks and Hispanics are turning to Trump in numbers not seen for Republicans in eighty years.
28. The Republican party is finally unifying behind Trump as the Cruz faction is now realizing the importance of the next few Supreme Court appointments.
29. The presidential candidate that is taller almost always wins. Trump towers over Clinton. He is 6’2″ she is 5’4″.

John Wurts
Updated noon
Sept 24, 2016

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