People are ditching apartments to live the ‘van life’


Move to the best jobs, colleges, weather. Several times per year

Be ready if SHTF. High desert no mosquito Zika Ebola Obama Lyme West Nile TB Malaria Polio. ,…. Diseases

Mobility is essential.
Houses are prisons.
Work, slavery expenses taxes

Real estate is a bad investment for idiots who cannot do accounting.

99% lose money
1% gamblers win but less than stock market.

owning a home today is like having an open wound.

It keeps bleeding you never heals.

Cost of living outrageous.

People arent so much thinking luxury as they are thinking survival.

We are becoming a 3rd world country

The poverty of many and the wealth of a few

And remember the democrats have done to us.

American dream shattered no longer can be achieved by hard work and good values

You think so, Janice? I purchased my home for $230,000 in 2002 and just sold it last month for $430,000. lets see you do that with a VAN or a BUS… lol I just paid cash for my new home and now live mortgate free in a great area of Suburban Atlanta.

Peace, Lothar


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