Google. Vs Bing vs …

Google is the best
Especially at finding sites that pay $ to ads On Google.
Expensive to troll the whole internet
Big gets bigger and richer

I use bing that is also Microsoft very big

Different search engine on my different computers

I want them to know my interests.
All legal.

Set up websites and give them $ to manipulate them

On Sep 14,

Used DuckDuckgo for a few mos. Misses about a third of the information/sites that Google shows.


On 14 wrote:

I use DuckDuckgo as a search engine. They do not store your website addresses, so. I’ve had no trouble with them and have been using them for 2-3 yrs. Link below.


This is ONE creepy company! Haven’t seen their barges around anymore lately, probably went underwater. Or off planet.

REVEALED: Google staffers have had at least 427 meetings at the White House over course of Obama presidency – averaging more than one a week

  • The White House’s close relationship with Google was highlighted in data published Friday
  • Records show 169 Google employees met with 182 government officials
  • Google’s top lobbyist paid 128 visits to the White House since 2009
  • ‘Of course’ Google is a frequent guest, company responded in statement

By Reporter

Published: 01:01 EST, 23 April 2016 | Updated: 10:56 EST, 23 April 2016

Newly compiled data reveals Google and its affiliates have attended meetings at the White House more than once a week, on average, since President Barack Obama took office.



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