Bernie, Harvard: Cannibal killing finally revealed: The gruesome details of how Rockefeller heir was gutted and cooked

Democrats need to dump Hilary and run Bernie Sanders to give the people 2 non-corrupt candidates to choose. People need a healthy honest president.

Test Obama DNA.
He looks like his true father was from the tribe of cannibals that ate Republican VP Rockefeller’s son. In the photos in the article below.
Democrat pro-cannibal anti-Republicans

Harvard graduates are not very smart.
They should not invade countries with stable eco-systems.
They should not burn fossil fuels for foreign travel.
They should get on a wooden sailboat and return to their countries of their ancestors.
Work to prevent overpopulation and environmental destruction that caused the invasion of the Americas.
Close all ivy-league Universities that support continued occupation of the Americas. Save tax-payer money.


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