Science College Classes

Most universities offer a long list of science classes that are often well taught and not so crowded.
You can learn more by taking only 1 class at a time and carefully memorizing the textbooks and materials and doing all the labs correctly.
Phd type research often requires in-depth knowledge of 1 field more than the smattering of dissimilar topics covered in most undergraduate programs. Sometimes you will need to know 2 or 3 fields.
Colleges do not put the right knowledge into the same departments or classes so it is hunt and peck to find the right balances. Curricula get organized by history and personalities of past teachers.
Part of research is trying to figure out what is relevant for problems that society faces now.

Taking 1 or 2 classes at a time also greatly saves tuition and fees. You can work and organize your daily schedule better around only 1 class.
You will also have time to go to the gym and getting enough of a variety of sports and exercises. The brain can grow about 3% per year with enough exercise.

If you can drive out into the country you can have a little farm and grow your own food and do research on plants and animals and maybe make some $ off those plants and animals. Research into biology and agriculture can be very valuable.
Most people nowadays have very bad diets and exercise habits.. So health insurance and medical care is far too expensive.
And people cannot think or function very well.
A worldwide problem rapidly getting worse.
Plenty of research opportunities on how to solve small problems to improve farming, land use, city planning, business stability and profitability.

Then there is the big puzzle on how to prevent multiple major global catastrophes and extinctions.

Seems to me the first step would be to develop greenfields, grayfields, brownfields, lawns, golf courses,…
Convert them into gardens and farms so people can get exercise by growing fresh food in the cities where people already live. This would save transporting food into the cities.
And the food they pick would be fresher and healthier.
And they would get exercise, electrons, fresh air, and sunshine, nitric oxide, Vitamin D….


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