China Fossil Fuels, Deficits, QE Why Spring Break Is Awesome!

News skips the news?

Don’t forget massive portfolios built up by quantitative easing.

Trade deficit persists – due to bad trade deals that Trump wants to fix.

Federal, State, Local Governments still in debt and most getting deeper into debt.

Stock market tech bubble persists. Lot of crazy ideas are getting funded. Money wasted on fancy houses, cars, watches, fossil fuels that would be better spent on something else.

Student debt betting huge. Building massive facilities and housing nearby that serve little social purpose.

Great if you need an empty university to research in. Lots of library and computer facilities. Summer is great. Except they waste too much fossil fuel on air conditioning so that buildings are way too cold. Like in the winter the buildings are way too hot.

Army of Chinese students getting orientated. Come thru in groups going from station to station. And some USA students too. Bank accounts, housing, food plans, social clubs, churches, etc.

Foreign students pay top dollar tuition so colleges want them. Spoiled only children from China. They may learn a little but it may just be a thing to do. It does help exports – export USA technology and culture. Get back some of the $ we sent to china to pay for iPhones and iPods

But trade deficit persists, very large.

People get lulled into complacency if the news quits reminding them of problems.

Eventually unsustainable trends will reverse. Perhaps Catastrophically. When nobody expects a crash

The stock market crashed in 2000 when Bush took over.
Then crashed again in 2008 as 8 years of stupidity could not be continued so the crash could be blamed on Obama.

Now in 2016 we have another election and perhaps even bigger changes are coming. Changes in the real economy mean some companies will be losers and others will be winners. Winners should get higher stock prices but losers stock prices will drop. Companies will go bankrupt, people will get fired and it will take time for winning companies to hire them. They may not have the right skills. It may take a long time for them to get jobs. So a recession, short or long.

Any stock price collapse will trigger derivatives which may lead to a bigger collapse. May expose worse problems. I suspect there are many new vulnerabilities creeping in during Obama

But billionaires are lining up behind Clinton so She may be able to provide continuity and avoid a big crash. Rich can continue to get richer and poor can continue to get poorer.

Trump may change something, though.
Wait until after the election to worry about politics.

I like cool foggy Oregon but it does not have a real beach culture or Spring Breaks that I might enjoy. I am probably going to start lifting weights again later this month as I have numerous gyms near my apartment now.

Spring Break. Photos at this link:


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