science China graduation

I have watched this phenomenon in the USA elite universities for decades. Seminars. High Tech meetings and trade shows. High tech companies.
Most have been Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean for decades. Share is growing. This chart you sent must include those educated in those countries.

It was not always this way. Trump is right. Need to return to greatness. Idiots like Clinton who say we are the best are wrong. Look at the education system, trade deficit, government deficits, war losses. Not much is working in the USA that was not done decades ago. Except for the Tracking internet industry, privacy violations, hacking, scamming, police shootings, the medical industrial extermination systems, heroin overdose extermination system, junk food extermination industry, games, ball players, talk radio, TV, electronic extermination, education industrial dumbing down systems, etc. Ultimately will destroy USA before global warming arrives, Muslumification, Mexficiantion, race wars, or power failure, or other SHTF scenario. .

Bob wrote

Subject: 70s China graduation Cloudy

Most college graduates seem Chinese. Whites sick on drugs dropouts.

70s at high noon. Looks like rain. Global warming causes incessant rain around here Cant get hot with so many clouds. Does not cool off enough at night. Move to Oregon or Seattle


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