not a vegetable: science China graduation

bad diet is destroying Americas
The brain is the first casualty
Idiots cannot learn basic facts like what is a vegetable.
Bush Obama Clinton Trump have not addressed vegetables:

These are NOT vegetables:

Pizza, eggs, milk, coke, wine, beer, whiskey,
hamburgers, fries, vegetable oil,
tacos, tostadas, burritos, waffles,
candy bars, protein bars, granola bars,
energy drinks, pepsi, fruit punch,
pancakes, twinkies, donuts, chips,
cookies, ice cream, tobacco, flour,
cake, pie, salt, sugar, cream, lard,
pork, beef, chicken, lamb,
fish, lobster, oyster, butter, sour cream,
jerky, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna,
rice, oats, wheat, rye, hemp,
pills, whey, vitamins, bran,
rice, bread, granola, cereal,
muffins, coffee, tea, escargot,
cheese, croissant, etc.

Don’t eat them.
Don’t buy them.
Don’t think they are vegetables.

President Trump should set up clinics for rehab
so that people can learn
how to identify, grow and prepare vegetables!
If you don’t eat vegetables your brain will become a vegetable.

USA needs more brains.
We cannot win by importing China India vegetarians to run our country


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