Globalism Mosquito zika ebola obama fossil fuels

Obama Clinton burned fossil fuels that spread disease.

Ground air force one.

Ban foreign travel until the epidemics are over.

Unless invaders want to get out of the Americas. Good riddance.

Give them a one way ticket to their place of origin.

Globalism runs on fossil fuels.

Back in the era of horse power USA was stronger and self sufficient. Won WW1 WW2 etc
Too much travel allows vermin to gain strength.

Iceland has no mosquitos. Too cold.

Global warming spreads disease.
And Obama Ebola stupidity.

The coming plague


Worldwide introduction of various mosquito species over large distances into regions where they are not indigenous has occurred through human agencies, primarily on sea routes, in which the eggs, larvae, and pupae inhabiting water-filled used tires and cut flowers are transported.

However, apart from sea transport, mosquitoes have been effectively carried by personal vehicles, delivery trucks, trains, and aircraft.

Man-made areas such as storm water retention basins, or storm drains also provide sprawling sanctuaries.

Sufficient quarantine measures have proven difficult to implement.

In addition, outdoor pool areas make a perfect place for them to grow.


Anopheles albimanus
mosquito feeding on a human arm – this mosquito is a vector ofmalaria, and mosquito control is a very effective way of reducing the incidence of malaria.

Main article:Mosquito-borne disease

Mosquitoes can act as vectorsfor many disease-causingviruses andparasites. Infected mosquitoes carry these organisms from person to person without exhibiting symptoms themselves.[citation needed]Mosquito-borne diseases include:

  • Viral diseases, such asyellow fever, dengue fever, and chikungunya, transmitted mostly byAedes aegypti. Dengue fever is the most common cause of fever in travelers returning from the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and South Central Asia. This disease is spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes and cannot be spread person to person. Severe dengue can be fatal, but with good treatment, fewer than 1% of patients die from dengue.[87]
  • The parasitic diseases collectively called malaria, caused by various species of Plasmodium, carried by female mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles
  • Lymphatic filariasis (the main cause ofelephantiasis) which can be spread by a wide variety of mosquito species[88]
  • West Nile virus is a concern in the United States, but there are no reliable statistics on worldwide cases.
  • Eastern equine encephalitis virus is a concern in the eastern United States.
  • Tularemia, a bacterial disease caused byFrancisella tularensis, is variously transmitted, including by biting flies.Culex and Culiseta are vectors of tularemia, as well as arbovirus infections such as West Nile virus.[89]
  • Zika, recently notorious, though rarely deadly. It causes fever, joint pain, rashes and conjunctivitis. The most serious consequence appears when the infected person is a pregnant woman, since during pregnancy this virus can originate a birth defect called microcephaly.

Potential transmission ofHIV was originally a public health concern, but practical considerations and detailed studies of epidemiological patterns suggest that any transmission of the HIV virus by mosquitoes is at worst extremely unlikely.[90]

Various species of mosquitoes are estimated to transmit various types of disease to more than 700 million people annually in Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico, Russia, and much of Asia, with millions of resultant deaths. At least two million people annually die of these diseases, and the morbidityrates are many times higher still.

Methods used to prevent the spread of disease, or to protect individuals in areas where disease is endemic, include:

Since most such diseases are carried by “elderly” female mosquitoes, some scientists have suggested focusing on these to avoid the evolution of resistance.[91]

Indiscriminate eradication of mosquitoes is likely to have effects undesirable to humans. Entomologist Phil Lounibos of Florida Medical Entomological Laboratory (FMEL), Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences(IFAS),University of Florida, says that eradication “is fraught with undesirable side effects”, as mosquitoes are important pollinators, and a significant food source for birds and bats and, as larvae, fish and frogs, parts of the food chain affecting many species. If mosquitoes are eradicated, they may also be replaced by other species, possibly more undesirable.[92]


Main article: Mosquito control
World War II era pamphlet aimed to discourage creation of stagnant water

MosquitofishGambusia affinis, a natural mosquito predator

Many measures have been tried for mosquito control, including the elimination of breeding places, exclusion viawindow screensand mosquito nets, biological control with parasites such as fungi[93][94]and nematodes,[95] or predators such as fish,[96][97][98]copepods,[99]dragonfly nymphs and adults, and some species oflizard and gecko.[100] Another approach is to introduce large numbers of sterile males.[101] Genetic methods including cytoplasmic incompatibility, chromosomal translocations, sex distortion and gene replacement have been explored. They are cheaper and not subject to vector resistance.[102]


Main article: Insect repellent

Insect repellents are applied on skin and give short-term protection against mosquito bites. The chemical DEETrepels some mosquitoes and other insects.[103] SomeCDC-recommended repellents are picaridin,eucalyptus oil (PMD) andIR3535.[104] Others are indalone, dimethyl phthalate,dimethyl carbate, and ethyl hexanediol. More recently, in 2015, Researchers at New Mexico State University tested 10 commercially available products for their effectiveness at repelling mosquitoes.[105] On the mosquito Aedes aegypti, the vector of Zika virus, only one repellent that did not contain DEET had a strong effect for the duration of the 240 minutes test: a lemon eucalyptus oil repellent. All DEET-containing mosquito repellents were active.

There are also electronic insect repellent devices which produce ultrasoundsthat were developed to keep away insects (and mosquitoes). However, no scientific research based on the EPA’s and many universities’ studies has ever provided evidence that these devices prevent a human from being bitten by a mosquito.[106] In 2005, the British consumer magazine Holiday reported the results of its test of a range of mosquito deterrents. The magazine’s editor Lorna Cowan described the four appliances that used a buzzer as “a shocking waste of money” which “should be removed from sale”.

Bites and treatment

File:Mosquito biting on leg.webmPlay media
Video of a mosquito biting on leg

Visible, irritating bites are due to an immune response from the binding ofIgG and IgEantibodies to antigens in the mosquito’s saliva. Some of the sensitizing antigens are common to all mosquito species, whereas others are specific to certain species. There are both immediatehypersensitivity reactions (types I and III) and delayed hypersensitivity reactions (type IV) to mosquito bites.[107] Both reactions result in itching, redness and swelling. Immediate reactions develop within a few minutes of the bite and last for a few hours. Delayed reactions take around a day to develop, and last for up to a week. Several anti-itchmedications are commercially available, including those taken orally, such as Benadryl, or topically appliedantihistamines and, for more severe cases,corticosteroids, such ashydrocortisone andtriamcinolone.

In human culture

Ancient Greek beast fables including “The Elephant and the Mosquito” and “The Bull and the Mosquito”, with the general moral that the large beast does not even notice the small one, derive ultimately fromMesopotamia.[108]

Winsor McCay‘s 1912 filmHow a Mosquito Operateswas one of the earliest works of animation, far ahead of its time in technical quality. It depicts a giant mosquito tormenting a sleeping man.[109]

The de Havilland Mosquitowas a high-speed aircraft manufactured between 1940 and 1950, and used in many roles.[110]

The Mosquito alarm is an electronic device designed to deter loitering by young people; it emits a high frequency sound that many older people cannot hear.[111]


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