Walk hot. Vegan $8,500 Cow.

I just walked 10 miles. 9 in the mall then 1 on hot black asphalt. Heat index over 100 supposedly. No big deal. No smog.

I will move to Oregon or Washington next year. Cooler weather and healthier people. More vegetarians. I favour cooler weather but less snow and ice.

I walked on to campus and found a pregnant cow worth $8500 being babysat by fat professor and student with 2 fans on her butt to cool her off and soft pad to stand on. College girls walk by to pet her. Photo below.

No gunfire in our mall or campus.

Trump has some good ideas but most I have been saying for decades and I got more details.

But Idiot Trump did not mention broccoli in his long speech. America dementia disease addictions demands vegetables to regain mental and physical health.

I am thinking 7th day adventist or other vegan religion might help cure USA. State religion? get rid of freedom to eat meat. Return meat eating Jews Muslims Christians to the Holy Land for final Jihad Crusade? Return USA to native Americans.

Lots of science studies:

Eat plants.
No processed foods.
No refined carbohydrates.
No sugar.
No flour.
No meat CAFO confined animal feeding operations.

CAFO feeds GMO corn soy government subsidy Mexican killers pollute environment running off fossil fuels.

Drugged animals developing superbugs that will kill us all if we do not die from junk food sooner.

Large Harvard Study.



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