test apple

I will hold off getting a chromebook until I learn apple better.

I am sitting in university library typing a mail into my ipod touch using my apple bluetooth wireless keyboard. Works fairly well. ipod is certainly smaller and lighter than a macbook.

At the same time I am listening to Christina Perri Lovestrong full album on Microsoft Windows university computer hard wired.

I am trying to live mostly on free wifi. Use my android smartphone for phone calls and backup wifi tethering. It is actually quite fast T mobile 4G. Softbank Japanese Sprint is also quite effective.

Ridiculous amount of construction at the university fueled by debt ridden students. Naive suckers all over campus with their parents. Hired help explaining the mess to them. Banks eager to give them credit cards to get deeper into debt fasters.

Starbucks pushing sugar drinks and gluten snacks fueled by government subsidies to wheat. and sugar. and maybe negro slaves growing the coffee and other slaves in third world countries.

Not many real students or professors on campus. Seems to be not much research going on.

News scaring people with temperatures in the 90s. Finally incessant rain stopped allowing temps to rise above the 70s and 80s. People around the midwest have not conception of miserable hot weather such as found in LA and central valley of California.

Sort of nice having keyboard and internet connection again. And can take ipod photos maybe can send without getting stuck in spam folder. ipod photos are smallish so may not trigger spam alarm. email really sucks as a communications medium.


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