Mail. google vs apple. Best devices: secure, price, capabilities,

I will try to fix my addresses.
I have been without a real internet connection for several months. Going through google android phone to work apple devices?
Really a mess.
Android phone keyboard is very buggy.
Have to type everything twice or thrice to fix errors.
Tmobile gets slow when I go over 3GB per month so I am cautious to use it much

This is changing rapidly.
I got onto university network ok.
Free and fairly fast and some attempts to be secure and safe. Will try to do most telecommunications on university wifi.

Will go buy a new google chrome book in a few minutes.
Designed for wifi, can do most of what I need to do on the chrome book. Gmail is good but my account has too much junk on it.

Figured out my iMac keyboard can type onto my iPod fine.
iPod makes little photos that can send by email without errors. iMac IPod is great for photos and music.
My apple email is better than gmail, less junk on it.

Apple makes Better devices than cheap google and very buggy sluggish Microsoft.

But google and chromebook is the most secure devices that most people have access to. And google is very cheap.
Apple is very expensive.

Want to get down to 1 either google or apple.
I will say more after I compare carefully google vs apple over the next few months.

Lots of travel and hassles.
I just sold a condo and have 2 more escrows going right now in 2 states. And moved to new apartment in the city.
Trying to change addresses.
Too complicated.

Making great progress in math.
Just thinking while walking.

May get a TV for old fashioned broadcast programs.
But probably a waste of time.

Don’t worry about politics until after the election.
Nobody can forecast elections very well.
Pundits are wrong.
Wait until after the fact.
May not make much difference this year Trump vs Clinton?
Both rather establishment figures not up to date on current challenges.

> On Jul 16, 2016, at 3:30 PM, Lothar wrote:
> Bob, I talked to Ron this morning and he told me to erase his OLD… att… address ! > He cannot access it anymore !
> His new Address is:
> Peace, Lothar


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