Donate, Sell, Move, Go SHTF: Casita Travel Trailer, fiberglass

A Rolling Stone gathers no moss. Heal the world. Get ready to move ASAP.

Sell or donate everything. Get ready to move to the best location if SHTF or not. I discover I really need very little. Much is already online and I am putting my stuff online too. And back ups to the clould.

The local university library took my books and put them on the shelves. Many fancy libraries have online stuff but empty shelves especially weak on important classics. Donate.

Dealers will take vinyl records, CDs, guns, DVDs, etc.

Charities take clothes, sporting goods, household, etc.

Location is the key to everything. I thought this would take 2 years. Did most in 2 weeks. Amazing how many obsolete ideas I have wasted time on.

Nice size. Bathroom and shower and kitchen.
Fiberglass light and easy to pull, park, maneuver.
Can keep my existing vehicle. Ford Explorer.


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