QE crash economy Obama like Bush.

Supposedly it was hot today.
But did not feel hot because lots of clouds and humidity did not let much sun thru. I did turn on the air conditioner 30 minutes. Still the cool San Francisco summer would be better.

Obama boom is 8 years old. Beware. Time for a crash. Lots of statistics are reversing. Vibrating. Looking strange. May crash like the 8 year Bush boom.

Most importantly the QE will have to reverse sometime. Likely catastrophic.

Interest rates are headed up.
Borrowers may not be able to afford higher mortgage payments.

Worse. Most states and governments are deep in debt. A 1% jump in interest rates will drain their cash. They will have to fire workers who will default on loans causing a house price collapse and recession.

8 years ago this happened right before the election.

Helped elect Obama.

I would be aggressive on selling real estate that you are not using. Move to a farm where you can grow your own food.

Freedom from gunfire, gays,

No people problems where there are no people.

We got deer problems. Etc.


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