SHTF. Prepare. Re: Move yearly

I have acres of thick rich Kansas topsoil. Plenty of rain. Can live here easily in most SHTF scenarios. House has been used by independent farmers for over 100 years.

Similar is available cheap in dozens of eastern states. Often low crime white areas. Heroin is so cheap they dont need to steal to buy. They overdose leaving a cheap house and even less people. Sugar and flour and TV fissil fuels will kill the rest.

China has moved much of the population to cities by debt and electronics jobs.

Rural depopulation is going on everywhere. Buy a farm now.

Campgrounds are noisy and blasted by wifi music digs kids TV.

Old farms are already set up for independent living long term.

Not hard to find close enough to services. The main SHTF is in your body and brain already. Need access to top quality medical research and hospitals. Missouri. Massachusetts. Minnesota are top 3.

Missouri is cheapest and warmer.

New Hampshire is cheap and very low tax near Harvard University MG hospital. But very cold.

Minnesota is colder and high tax and expensive. South Dakota zero tax. Sioux City. Sioux Falls on the Iowa Minnesota border

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