Philosopher license: Edublock bitcoin reform college

I am thinking along these lines.
Who knows what?
Apply bitcoin currency block-chain technology.

A model for higher education where all learning counts

By Amy Scott
April 19, 2016 | 5:00 AM
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Digital currencies could alter the pathway to education.

This election year, Marketplace is casting its eyes toward the future, asking how the country can address long-term opportunities and threats — the ones that don’t fit into a single federal budget or election cycle. We’ll imagine and ask you, if the next president were to appoint a Cabinet member to worry about future generations, what would be job one? Got an idea? Tell us here.

Imagine it’s 2026, and you’re one of a billion people using a new digital platform called the Ledger.

So begins a new video from the Institute for the Future and ACT Foundation, envisioning a future system that would reward any kind of learning – from taking a course, to reading a book, to completing a project at work.

“Your Ledger account tracks everything you’ve ever learned in units called Edublocks,” the video’s narrator explains. “Each Edublock represents one hour of learning in a particular subject. Anyone can grant Edublocks to anyone else.”

The Ledger would use the same technology that powers bitcoin, the virtual currency, to create a verifiable record of every learning transaction, said Jane McGonigal, director of game research and development at the Institute for the Future, a think tank in Palo Alto, California.

A new education currency could supplement, or offer an alternative to, the four-year college degree, she said, one that’s suited to a rapidly changing economy.

“It’s very expensive to get degrees,” McGonigal said. “By the time you fi


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