God loves rich 1% San Francisco. Long life. Chinese food. Vegetables.

Homeless in San Francisco may be healthier and happier than many elsewhere. Especially if they got a hammock, smart car, some $, and no drugs or gay diseases.

If you got $ Eat in Chinese French restaurants every day.

Or learn to cook and garden.

Study medicine.

Run. Walk. Bike. Swim. Ski. Tennis.

In Kansas I saw big fat slobs shop at $ store. Huge display of soda pop drinks. Cost more than 2$ gallon of milk from poor local farmers and free eggs from own hens and free water. Grow your own vegs for exercise. Fresh. Raw.

Kansas seems a little heathier than Missouri but many of the same problems. Especially Ozarks hillbillies moonshine whiskey culture. The rich families who kept big family farms are doing fine.


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