safe paper assets, don’t attract attention to yourself.

Physical assets are really liabilities.
Use credit cards, not cash.
Don’t tip off crooks that you might have cash, guns, or drugs at home.
Keep wealth in paper assets such as hard to access retirement accounts, IRAs.
While you enjoy living in a hammock and smart car ready to escape if SHTF.
Or you will become a statistic courtesy of armed white / black freak high school students.
I am modifying my moving plans to try to avoid high crime areas and students.–s-storm-into-west-county/article_9f862793-8c0f-5e2a-b8aa-de6493b054b2.html

Teens armed with AK-47s storm into West County apartment to rob victims

Six St. Louis-area teenagers have been charged with an armed home invasion and robbery at an apartment complex in west St. Louis County.

Police say the teens entered an apartment about 10:30 p.m. Saturday armed with two AK-47s, a Glock pistol and other weapons and took wallets from at least two people.


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