Taxes: don’t pay too much. Move to the best.

Indiana has lower taxes than Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Arkansas and most states in the midwest.Indiana also has very low property taxes and a pro-business environment.
IU and Purdue very good and the governor now University President wants very much to keep tuition low.

Texas booming, Florida, Nevada very fast population growth with brown and black people so real estate is expensive and universities large and crowded with not the brightest students.

Texas and farther west running dry.

Texas clobbered by low oil prices as is Wyoming, Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and maybe Pennsylvania

Florida zika virus but it does have beaches! Zero income tax and low property taxes and low sales taxes!

White areas from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania actually losing population so the best real estate values – some good farming.


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