avoid electron blasts Re: lead poisoning. smartphone wifi tether.

Toxin measurement is the first step.
I have heard of lead detox methods involving herbs, Vitamin C, etc.
But I have not read good scientific studies that actually measured lead in the body. (How do you see into bones, etc?)
There are many other toxins that need to be removed, often heavy metals, often involving “chelation”.
If I lived closer to a good science university I would be learning this right now. I may be detoxed due to taking so many vitamins and herbs.
Everybody from Los Angeles, Fresno and other smoggy areas got lots of lead from when they put lead in gasoline.
May not be possible to get rid of all that lead, and the brain damage has already been done.
Exercise grows the brain 3% per year so my brain damage may have been healed due to an average of 3 hours per day of exercise my whole adult life. I also drink a lot of water that helps to flush out toxins.

I have been blasted with electronics most of my life and generally did not notice any ill effects except when wi-fi came along my sleep got worse when wi-fi is running.
This is one reason I am considering moving away from dense living such as condos and apartments (that also can be noisy).
Intensity decreases with the square of the distance so you don’t have to get far away to greatly reduce exposure. I keep everything turned off when not in use.
Also unplug it (we had thunderstorm after midnight last night) that also protects the electronics.

My smart phone prevention solution is to keep it turned off when not in use (most of the time).
For emails: turn on, download all emails, turn off then answer emails and send them the next day when turn on the smart phone again. When calling use an earphone instead of holding the phone next to head. Avoid making calls or answering anybody you don’t know.
Make an appointment by email if a call is needed.
Use a rotary dial telephone ( I still have one).
Try to do everything in person with real people, not cheap electronic substitutes.
Move to the big city so you can walk to everybody without using fossil fuels and getting into wrecks and depriving yourself of needed exercise for brain growth.

Smart phones have to have a strong signal to get to distant cell phone towers. wi-fi is very short distances so weak signals.
bluetooth is even weaker.

Look at verizon, sprint, tmobile and other websites and move to where coverage is weakest if you really need to avoid cell towers. some areas have little or no service at all.

To protect against lightning, war electrical blasts, sun electrical blasts, and excessive electronics from any source maybe wrap up your house in steel cables and tie those to steel spikes or I-beams driven deep into the ground.

Those cables may also hold your roof on in case of tornado or other windstorm.

Steel roofs may also help if you ground those by enough steel cables driven deep into the ground.

Also buy a tall short wave radio antenna, much taller than your house and ground that solidly into the ground so it will attract excess electrical activity.

> On Mar 24, 2016, at 12:30 PM, Ronald wrote:
> Jeffrey,
> Lead and other heavy metals can be removed from the bloodstream by ascorbic acid as the molecules bind with the lead and carry it out of the system. Interesting that lead from bullets was a big deal even in areas where the California Condor didn’t range as a means of attempting to limit hunting and shooting but lead is no big deal for over two years when the water supply is contaminated in Flint and officials from the Governor down knew. >
> Ron
> On Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:10 AM, Jeffrey wrote:
> I advise to reconsider cable, Smartphones for sure causing brain issues, even a few seconds; No one believes me but they create a very unpleasant sensation; I keep wanting to avoid Dad’s house, churches, walmart, even the library wireless internet is bad;; for some strange reason smart phones are worse than wireless internet, even at 15 feet away; sensation slowly tapers of after 12-24 hours; at library clear thinking is temporarily disrupted, is better after I get away. Does not last as long. Strange, but there seems to be no cumulative effect. There is a cell tower next to the library, I believe and feel a bad sensation that gets worse the longer I am nearby, not as intense as sitting near the wireless router. Wi-Fi seems bad also, but shieldable with a microwave door.
> Lead crisis maybe over hyped; research life spans in lead contaminated zones; I read it poisons by taking the place of other valuable nutrients, preventing their use and function, I used to handle the lead in my rock collection unknowing it was bad and did not wash off afterwards; I consider my health to be far superior than my own parents who were raised away from lead. I have not even caught a cold in almost 7 years, I don’t even exercise regularly, just live a sedentary lifestyle and observe a few secret health tips involving immune system strengthening, also emotional positive reinforcement to prevent toxic affects from bad emotions. Criticalhealthnews.com has some pointers. Drink good water and plenty, keep acidity out of your system. Eat all raw whole good seeds you can, just avoid cyanide poisoning from overeating apricot seeds, I think the population control freaks speak lies about info like that to create sickness. >
> On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 9:53 PM, joe wrote:
> My new smartphone seems to be working.
> I am sending this mail over a wifi “tether” connection to the smartphone. > Hopefully can get rid of cable internet forever.
> I don’t need much bandwidth most of the time.
> I can use university computers if I need high bandwidth.
> Or any of the many free wifi outlets around here.
> I will avoid sending photos until I am clear on how much bandwidth I am using. >
> I need to get mobile and flexible so I can move and travel easily.
> Everybody needs to get ready for SHTF, pandemic, and cancellation of elections and government. >
> When I was 5 years old I lived in Baxter Springs Kansas
> which is down wind of Pilcher Oklahoma one of the most polluted superfund sites in the USA, now a ghost town. > Formerly lead mines, big piles of powdery lead waste everywhere. > Can be seen on google maps, easily, very obvious.
> The huge piles of lead dust extend up into Kansas.
> Galena Kansas is probably poisoned,
> MacDonald County Missouri is poisoned, probably.
> and Joplin Missouri area poisoned, probably.
> I probably have some brain damage but we fortunately moved to New Mexico soon where my brother was born but he was a fetus so probably got damaged more.
> I recall we moved July 5. I lost my pneumatic frog toy at the July 4 fireworks the night before. > Exciting move to New Mexico where I entered First grade at age 5. > My first grade teacher was Mrs. Stone.
> There was no kindergarten but I already knew how to read.
> I remember the tattered old fairy tale book I read in Kansas, very influential, old wood-cut illustrations.
> New Mexico very exotic but nothing like the fairy tale book or Missouri or Kansas.
> Sort of like the Middle East deserts or something – my father and grandfather smoked Camel cigarettes. > I remember wondering what I was doing there.


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