lead poisoning. smartphone wifi tether.

My new smartphone seems to be working.
I am sending this mail over a wifi “tether” connection to the smartphone. Hopefully can get rid of cable internet forever.
I don’t need much bandwidth most of the time.
I can use university computers if I need high bandwidth.
Or any of the many free wifi outlets around here.
I will avoid sending photos until I am clear on how much bandwidth I am using.

I need to get mobile and flexible so I can move and travel easily.
Everybody needs to get ready for SHTF, pandemic, and cancellation of elections and government.

When I was 5 years old I lived in Baxter Springs Kansas
which is down wind of Pilcher Oklahoma one of the most polluted superfund sites in the USA, now a ghost town. Formerly lead mines, big piles of powdery lead waste everywhere. Can be seen on google maps, easily, very obvious.
The huge piles of lead dust extend up into Kansas.
Galena Kansas is probably poisoned,
MacDonald County Missouri is poisoned, probably.
and Joplin Missouri area poisoned, probably.

I probably have some brain damage but we fortunately moved to New Mexico soon where my brother was born but he was a fetus so probably got damaged more.
I recall we moved July 5. I lost my pneumatic frog toy at the July 4 fireworks the night before. Exciting move to New Mexico where I entered First grade at age 5. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Stone.
There was no kindergarten but I already knew how to read.
I remember the tattered old fairy tale book I read in Kansas, very influential, old wood-cut illustrations.
New Mexico very exotic but nothing like the fairy tale book or Missouri or Kansas.
Sort of like the Middle East deserts or something – my father and grandfather smoked Camel cigarettes. I remember wondering what I was doing there.


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