dogwood season. glaucoma. the coming plague

Elections are like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic – a humorous waste of time.
No politician can stop the coming plague.
Typically they make things worse, witness past and current plagues.
Why most of the population are sick brain-dead zombies on drugs, junk food, can’t think or do serious work so just collect benefits or salaries from make-work jobs or shoot at each other.

I learn my corneas are thicker than normal so that makes my eye pressure test higher than normal.
Might be misinterpreted as borderline for glaucoma risk when in fact eyes are ok.
Probably good to have tough corneas in case of dirt, injuries.
I remember pulling out wads of mosquitos from my eyes in New York after long bicycle rides.
I was astonished how many mosquitos could be hidden under eyelids.
I started wearing glasses when biking.

Dogwood blossoms are turning to leaves.Spring is well underway but it did frost last night.


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