avoid dementia Alzheimers UCLA professor

Rich 1% try to force poor 99% idiots out of Los Angeles so they can hoard the best medical treatments for Hollywood elites, singers, celebrities, and their friends, cooks, hairdressers, carpenters, entourage….

Great doctors at UCLA Including Professor Dale Bredesen, MD who reverses and cures dementia cases daily using hundreds of chemical tests and fixes using well-known research.

Learn How One Doctor Is Reversing Alzheimer’s. An iterative, multifactorial, personalized approach to optimizing risk factors is critical.

Research shows that a novel, multi-faceted approach may be able to reverse cognitive decline. Nine of the first ten patients on this comprehensive, personalized therapeutic program have shown improvement.

Not only have the markers of inflammation underlying Alzheimer’s disease become less severe, but they also have had lasting improvement in measures of memory and ability to function and reason.

Free download: http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2016/03/03/show-994-learn-how-one-doctor-is-reversing-alzheimers/

Lots of 7 foot tall boys in town for the NAIA basketball championship at the local college.

Tax money in action: men in military fatigues and fancy government cars meeting in Army Corps of Engineer building


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