San Francisco good food free. Survive and thrive.

Get off the grid – live homeless in San Francisco.

Tech companies often feed employees free.

Lots of leftovers – 17 tons per week recycled to the homeless who may eat better than many junk food eaters in worse parts of the country.

The rest is thrown away.

Food Runners expands amidst tech boom, tech food donations

a byproduct of the tech boom:

Thanks to all these new San Francisco companies — and their cafeterias and/or catered lunches — Food Runners has been overwhelmed with the amount of food being donated on a daily basis.

And that’s a very good thing, says Mary Risley, who founded Food Runners in 1987.

Donations have increased 50 percent in the last year, thanks in large part to a new generation of tech company donors.

The new deluge is a huge boon for Food Runners, which recently boasts a new delivery truck (thanks to a Genentech grant), a new bicycle courier (see above) and possibly a second bike, too.

Food Runners is always in need of volunteers, especially in the tech zones at the end of the day.

To donate your time, please check out the Food Runners volunteer page.

You can be a Regular Runner (Pick up food from the same donor and take it to the same recipient, weekly) or an On-Call Runner (Food Runners will call, email or text to see if you can make a pick up and delivery that day).

To learn more about Food Runners, watch the video below:


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