electromagnetic health

After thinking the past few days I believe my sleep suddenly deteriorated when I got a wi-fi router 24×7 for several years. Then I slept better when I went to cable internet. Then got worse when I added a different wifi router to that. Sometimes wifi is on, other times off. Hard to remember exactly. But it seems when wifi is on that I wake up very early for hours then sleep again before getting up. Ordinarily I sleep quite well as long as I avoid coffee and tea after noon. Avoid alcohol totally.

The problem is I count 27 wi-fi routers from my current location, neighbors, even though it feels like I am in a remote area. I think I may try to live more remote although I have found several apartment buildings I would like to live in the city.

I have always turned off computers and other electronics when not in use. Except for refrigerator. I check meter that no vampire electronics are running. Throw them away. Actually I unplug everything if I can when not in use (not refrigerator or range). Not just flip switches. Also I turn off circuit breakers that are not actually needed.

I am not convinced, but probably people are damaged by their electromagnetic exposures. Some much more than others. Combined with chemicals, junk food, and infectious organisms.

Probably wise to take precautions. Steel floors, Aluminum wall panels, ground everything. Get rid of electronics, cancel electric service,… Move away from cell phone towers and electrical wires. Cell phones are the new tobacco. Cordless phones maybe worse?

It is easy to find lots of articles, but probably none of this is researched enough.


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