Texas Spring Break, Shotgun perils, dead Supreme Court, Cheney victim, fossil fuel travel, ammo organic

I remember as a child biting down on lead shot from dove / quail we shot.
I just spit it out but may have swallowed some.
I could see black lead trails where the shot went thru the birds.
I ate it anyway.
No doubt damaged my developing brain, lead poisoning.
Let the birds live unmolested.
Humans would live healthier longer too, and not get shot so easily, and would get stronger eating vegetables that nobody gets enough of nowadays.

Parents should get rid of any ammo that contains lead or modern propellants which are toxic or poisoned.
Learn bow and arrow or how to mix safe organic gunpowder.
I found heavy steel ball-peen hammer on sale at Lowes for $4.88
Need as light as possible in case SHTF and you have to walk 1000 miles.

Student debt pays for vacations at South Padre Island Texas near where VP Cheney shot his friend and Supreme Court Justice Scalia was done in by poison ammo or worse.
Should include trips by deathbed and shooting sites.
Always travel by horse or running that does not use any fossil fuels.
Do not consume alcohol neurotoxins, gluten, sugar, GMO, CAFO, grain brain dementia.

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