Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon Cybersecurity

I wonder why our many top university computer science departments cannot figure out a way to stop computer fraud, hacking, cyberterrorism, pornography…? The more students study computers, the worse the problems become. I can remember when computers were rare.

Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh PA is supposedly #1.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania lost over half of its population when steel moved overseas, causing house price deflation.
Pittsburg Kansas, the area just south has been losing population for 100 years and has warmer weather and much better farmland than Pennsylvania.
We did have a couple of cold windy days Monday and Tuesday, below freezing, but sunny on Tuesday so felt ok – I just wore sweats and a hard nylon outer shell to stop the wind. Today was warmer and fine.
Cold weather is usually quite sunny and bright because the water freezes out of the air so humidity goes to zero so it feels warm.
Summer is the opposite – hot weather evaporates water that forms clouds that block the sun so it never gets too hot.


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