Understanding Conspiracies against YOU versus sitting

You need brainpower that is built by immediate comprehensive verbal feedback on your thinking, arguing, and contact with lots of ideas from original sources. Das System derided by Nazis is not the same system opposed by Berkeley radicals. Need to be more specific on conspiracies consistencies that is correct by history and paper documents that you can inspect in a large university library and carefully footnote in a comprehensive written essay.

Conspiracies benefit by disinformation that cause uneducated sheeple to attack potential allies while supporting enemies.

The Rich 1% walk to victory, not sit and drive. The poor drive too much and destroy their brains. The rich 1% also ski, golf, play tennis, yoga, transcendental meditation, football, soccer and all sorts of games. That surprised me as they are not very good at sports but it helps their brain function which is not too good either but it is better than the poor.

It is not just walking, you need a diversified set of exercises. The brain and body need constant exercise to grow and prosper. Brain size and performance can be measured, just as body size and performance. Most university towns are set up for walking constantly between gymnasiums, lectures, seminars, classes, colloquia, coffee shops, concerts, restaurants, bistros, cafes, etc. I figured that out as a teenager and refused to live at the beach – preferred to live next to campus.

If you don’t show up for work then your enemies will seize power and defeat you. Electronics cause more sitting than walking around to university lectures and coffee shops. Walking distance access to weight rooms, dance studios,… with good coaching is essential. Do different sports on each day of the week and vary that by seasons of the year. Change diet based on seasons. Sound mind in a sound body.


Modern society has been engineered for sitting. As a result, humans spend more time off their feet than ever before. However, recent studies show that all this sitting is doing much more harm than anyone thought. This article explores why sitting too much is seriously bad for your health. Unfortunately, sedentary behavior, or sitting too much, is now at an all-time high. Over half of the average person’s day is spent sitting, doing things like driving, working at a desk or watching television.


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