Winners move to city centers

Location matters.

If you want to win you have to go to the best quality people want to live – they won’t come to you. Even huge rich companies can’t ignore reality. They have to move to the best people.

New England and Boston has MIT, Harvard and numerous other universities – more than anywhere else. The best hospital and medical school. The best or nearly the best in many fields. Massachusetts is tied with Minnesota for the best public education system. Very green, hilly, peaceful, artistic, aesthetic, quaint, upscale, old fashioned, and civilized. They fired the shot heard around the world 1776. I lived a few hundred yards from Lexington Center where the first shot was fired. Many houses still standing.

General Electric Co. will relocate its headquarters from leafy suburban Connecticut to Boston’s busy waterfront, ending a fierce competition among states to lure one of the nation’s largest companies. For most of GE’s 124-year history, it was based in New York

A new industrial era that will revolve around software innovation

A priority to attract the talented workers who prefer to live and work in cities


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