Nazi gay libertarians Koch Oil Climate Change funding

Fascinating details on how the rich 1% control sheeple voting. Free mp3 download.

Germany: Hamburg Oil Refinery, built by the Winkler-Koch Company, became key, according to several German historians I talked to, to Hitler’s war efforts. By the time they built it, it was already clear that Hitler had very major military ambitions, but one of the things he was unable to do was to refine high octane oil for war planes. What this plant did was create that capacity and it eventually supplied much of the fuel that was needed for Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

Charles and Frederick, the oldest sons, were put in the hands of a German nanny who was described by other family members as just a fervid Nazi. She was so devout a supporter of Hitler that finally, after five years working for the family, she left of her own volition in 1940 when Hitler entered France because she wanted to celebrate with the Fuehrer

In January 2015, at a private conference in Palm Springs, Calif., the political network led by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch announced plans to spend $889 million in the 2016 elections. The organization consists almost entirely of groups that don’t register under the campaign finance laws and therefore don’t publicly identify their donors.

Journalist Jane Mayer traces the growing influence of the Koch brothers and other wealthy conservative donors in her new book, Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. According to Mayer, the Kochs and other conservatives have created philanthropic entities that enable them to aggressively pursue a

libertarian agenda of
lower taxes,
deregulation of business and the
denial of climate change.

three of the brothers attempting to blackmail the eldest, Frederick, when they suspected he was gay You have to remember this was a very long time ago when the idea of being gay was considered scandalous in a family, particularly a family of rough, self-made oil men out in Wichita, Kansas

Koch Industries, being investigated for pocketing millions in oil from Indian reservations, Charles Koch’s hard-lined libertarian views, that the government just should not interfere with private enterprise.

It’s very worrisome to many Americans to think that the whole ideal of one man, one vote, might be overwhelmed by 400 of the richest people of any political persuasion picking the next leader for them. That’s just not how democracy is supposed to work.


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