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I walked 4 hours but rushed home as the streets started icing up. Temp about 32 degrees, some mist that froze solid when it hit the ground / windshield. I slipped a little. No sun all day. This was the forecast and it came true exactly. University classes cancelled.

Thanks for this article. I am monitoring budgets carefully. I don’t want to move into a depression. The commodity price collapse is damaging many states and countries around the world. Oil consuming states will benefit. Oil producing states will get worse – Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Louisiana, North Dakota, etc. Missouri may benefit as we burn oil but don’t produce oil. Arkansas may benefit even more as Walmart, Tyson Meat, Trucking companies all stand to benefit from lower costs and customers consuming more due to more money in their pocket. Poorer people use a lot of oil and gas, and eat the meats, and heavy stuff shipped by trucks. Illinois will probably benefit as well but their budget is so bad that universities will be under pressure. The Indiana side of the border is much better. Live closer to Purdue and drive over to Urbana Illinois when needed. The President of Purdue/ Indiana is the former governor who wants to keep tuition low and taxes low to keep Indiana competitive. University of Texas, A&M, Tech, have been very richly funded but they will be under pressure due to oil price collapse. North Dakota, Alaska, Oklahoma are a disaster.

California droughts may sound bad but it is actually better for outdoorsmen who want to stay dry and not fall on ice. California will probably benefit from commodity price collapse as it consumes a lot more commodities than it produces. However, the Facebook and other tech bubble is may collapse. Customers like Facebook and Facebook is legal and law-abiding. However, Facebook and many internet companies depend too much on advertising and tracking. I grew up in a newspaper family that depends on advertising too, but genuine paper papers we did not track subscribers other than their name and address. Not even phone numbers.

University of Illinois is famous for its blonde students. Lots of blondes in Kansas / Missouri too, up to Minnesota Dakotas and other northern states. Some pockets extremely blonde. East and West Coasts are very dark in my experience. Deep south has huge numbers of blacks.

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Here is something from that might interest you:

Illinois budget deadlock hits college enrollments


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