eat read elites rich 1%

Live deluxe like the rich 1% on the cheap.
Berkeley is cheaper and sunnier than San Francisco.
In the winter Berkeley is warmer and sunnier than the foggy depressing inland valleys.
Park your Smart Car at People’s Park, or a few blocks to the south east near freeway exit.
Walk to the cafe’s where you can drink coffee and talk to people for free.
Some students prefer studying in those noisy places, strangely.
Good foods in many ethnic persuasions some of which is actually healthy and kosher.
Inflate your health and spirits and the whole economy by spending your fiat money wisely.
Great used books at Moe’s so you can get smarter cheaply across the street from Caffe Mediterraneum.
Why buy new before your have read all the great classics in your favorite language?

Moe’s Books
2476 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley CA 94704
Open 10 to 10 daily
Phone: (510) 849-2087
• World Famous Destination for book lovers since 1959

• Hundreds of thousands of titles in our ever changing stock

• Buy, Sell & Trade books all day, every day

• Always pay fair prices for quality books

• We offer a unique selection of new books in our topnotch store


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