dead girl. San Francisco High school feeder to Berkeley Stanford

Poor San Francisco kids work hard to get into college to be the medical doctors who will try to save the poor rural kids who have trouble surviving to adulthood.
Lowell High school is free and public, a main feeder into Berkeley and Stanford, in a beautiful area.
Located near the SF State University, Community College and Armenian churches, the zoo and the beach!
Choose the best river to flow downstream in.
Lots of places to sleep in SUV or hammock.

Lowell is open to all San Francisco residents and charges no tuition. Admission is contingent on submission of an application and based primarily on evaluation of test scores and prior academic record. Lowell contains a wide-ranging and rigorous curriculum and is noted for its academic excellence and prominent alumni. the 2nd highest ranking school in the nation with over 2000 students.

A Walnut Grove woman died early Saturday morning in a car crash. Shade White, 19, was driving southbound on MO-123 when her car left the roadway, struck a tree and overturned. White was not wearing a seatbelt, according to the report, and was partially ejected from the vehicle. White was pronounced dead at the scene.


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