smoking Muslim phallic symbols 2

I found the article.
Muslim towers are designed to burn spectacularly.
A publicity stunt to show they are hotter than the USA deficient phallic symbols? Nobody was killed.

Around here the Muslims are honest, smart and hard working.
Christians hold meetings in churches on how to steal from Muslims or anybody. One got caught is in federal prison for embezzlement.
Last time I saw her she was wearing a huge gold cross and a $1000 red dress paid for by stolen money. I hear she has 8 children most illegitimate.
So fat that nobody can tell if she is pregnant or not.
Why I am leaving this mess.

I will not go to Dubai.

The Mexicans are also better workers than the white trash around here who are a joke and on dope.

Hundreds of Dubai’s tallest buildings are infernos waiting to happen, a leading fire safety expert has told the Telegraph

Until Dubai changed its building regulations in 2013, many of the city’s tallest buildings were clad in an aluminium-polyurethane panelling that is highly flammable when exposed to flame or even extreme heat.

70 per cent of Dubai’s high rise buildings could be clad in the flammable materials.

before the new regulations came in to force, “hundreds of high-rise buildings in the UAE” were clad with flammable composite material panels.

“flammable cladding materials, comprising plastic or polyurethane fillings – called a thermo-plastic core – sandwiched between aluminium panels,

a million British visit the UAE every year to enjoy Dubai’s endless shopping malls and winter sunshine breaks


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