$1.49 gasoline. Steve Jobs black turtle neck, Levi 501’s, New Balance sneakers.

$1.49 for Royal Dutch Shell in the tourist trap 1 mile up the hill from my home.
I drove to class 400 miles in 4 days.
Today I sat in a computer security class, professor a Muslim Malaysian.
20 students all white males 5’10″ tall up to 6’7” tall except me and the professor.
All wearing t-shirts and jeans except my polo shirt and orange skinny jeans.
All short hair and clean shaven except for 3 beards and 1 ponytail on one the bearded students.

I have worn Levi’s 501’s since a teenager, or the Levi’s corduroy variant in cold weather.
I was pleased that at Harvard I could just put on a wool coat and tie and fit in ok.
Yesterday I wore a black turtleneck – today was too warm.
I prefer to wear shoes that I can run a marathon in just in case SHTF – usually Nike.
Billionaires don’t have to put on airs with expensive clothing – nobody should.
Zuckerberg is not a unique style, but rather common in the tech world, not much different than Jobs for instance.


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