No weapons. People’s Park activist killed

Never carry guns, toy guns, knives, or any weapon.
Rich 1% do not need them to run the world.
Focus on your education and work, not minor political controversies such as volleyball park locations.
If you don’t do the work then Zuckerberg or somebody else will do the work.

There are lots of teen girls wandering the streets of Berkeley, some friendly and good looking probably not students.
I heard some street persons talking about this incident shortly after it happened.
I read a Chinaman cop shot her and the recoil knocked him backward into a bathtub.
Seems a 99 pound female could have been disarmed.
Or she should not have armed herself in the first place and found something better to do.

Rosebud Abigail Denovo was a 20-year-old protester who was killed by police during a break-in of the Chancellor’s Mansion at the University of California, Berkeley. She had previously been involved with 1991 riots at People’s Park in Berkeley, California. She had been arrested the previous summer after police found explosive devices at a campsite she shared with a boyfriend in the Berkeley hills.

On August 25, 1992, Denovo broke into the residence of Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien on the UC Berkeley campus at 5:50 am, triggering a silent alarm that summoned the University of California Police Department (UCPD), who escorted Tien and his wife safely off the premises. The UCPD then sent officers, with dogs, into the house, where they shot and killed Denovo after she went for them with a machete.

At the time of her campsite arrest, police had also found a list of potential targets, including several university officials. In addition to explosives were crossbows, arrows, a copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook, which contains instructions for making homemade bombs, and a journal tied to her that made threatening references to Chancellor Tien.

She had been arrested during summer 1991 for trespassing and vandalism on campus property, and for carrying concealed weapons and attacking police officers at protests at People’s Park over volleyball court construction.

Park activists and street people expressed doubts about the official story, though no findings were made of improper police procedure or misconduct.


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