Walk, Fruit Nuts Hero Skyscrapers Re: stock gas price deflation

Rich people often live in nice areas downtown San Francisco, Manhattan New York City, Beacon Hill Boston Back Bay and other big cities.They are not cheap, but you just walk a few blocks to go to work – save time and hassle.
The Hancock Tower is 44 floors of condos and 44 floors of offices downstairs with grocery in between – never leave the building!
As late as 1963 half of USA workers walked to work and obesity diabetes dementia degeneration was much less of a problem.

As a teenager I was well aware of the problems of commuters in Southern California and walked to most of where I needed to go.
I still remember the big shots on Los Angeles TV and my father and relatives complaining about LA traffic and smog.
One reason I moved from San Diego to Boston was I read a research article on how New Yorkers got a lot more walking than Southern Californians.
I moved and found that the populaton seemed in better shape and seemed more active, ski, bike, tennis, marathon running…
I shopped mostly at the “Fresh Pond Fruit” stand in Cambridge Massachusetts that is quite similar to the fruit stands all over San Francisco.
No refrigerator, just big piles of fruits, nuts, vegetables, bags of grains….

Move to New York City Home of the Brave.
Make million$ forecasting – a difficult task even for those with rare skills.
Make billion$ SHTF prevention or mitigation – an even harder task.
Be a hero, a shepherd. Help save the sheeple.
Work in a skyscraper World Trade Center phallic symbol man of steel.
USA is falling behind in steel buildings invented by Germans in Chicago.
My great-aunt owned one of the first, I hear.
She gave $20 gold pieces to nieces and nephews during the great depression 1933.

On Jan 8, 2016, at 8:44 PM, Bob wrote:

“Rich people walk to work?”


Gas prices may continue to fall. ‘Deflation Nation” (and world). The dollar will continue to rise as the “best looking girl at the dance.” Emerging economies’ loans are denominated in dollars. $7 Trillion in emerging market debt. They don’t have the cash. Enjoy the ride. The dollar must rise before it fails and with it the current economic system. Prepare accordingly.

On Friday, January 8, 2016 5:36 PM, joe

Seems to me that gasoline and stock prices should fall further.
Cheap gas prices help poorer people who buy more gasoline than the rich people who just walk to work in NYC.
If Obama wants to elect Hilary Clinton then he needs to deflate gasoline prices.
Cheaper stock prices also help poorer people who need to save for retirement.

These pumps say nothing about ethanol.
I got some but then drove 1 block and found cheaper gasoline that may have contained ethanol.
It is hard to find the lowest price when prices are falling so fast.


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