foot of rain in 2 days. Lakes overflowing.

Water creeping toward our condos.
Very deep 60 feet?
Very wide.
Very fast moving.
72,000 cubic feet per second?
My condo is much higher than this, our lowest building.
Usually I can’t see any water from this standing position.
Lots of spectators.
Tourists everywhere.

BRANSON, Missouri – Table Rock Lake is on the path to break its own water level record, set during the floods of 2011.

Table Rock Lake is currently rising at around a half a foot an hour, leading the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Table Rock Lake to make such a prediction

Rising waters at Table Rock Lake also mean the dam is having to release as much water as it can:

the lake is still open for recreational use, but he cautions boaters to be on the lookout for large debris, which are often either floating in the water or submerged just beneath view.


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