Humboldt County Bullshit Hippie pot smokers

I never liked hippies or drugs, or facial hair such as Osama Ben Laden.
SHTF doomsday preppers sounds like more of the same draft dodgers moving to the country to avoid nuclear holocaust. I am not motivated by scare stories.
I lived in big cities during the cold war for my whole adult life. Never thought to move even though I was in a major target for WWIII. Less reason to do go remote now.

Humboldt County California is a degenerate culture that shows what happens when hippie draft dodger cowards move in.
They have been against “the system” “the establishment” for as long as I can remember. Lots of 60s rock music was anti-war.
Pot smoking was anti-establishment.
Humboldt County is a throwback to that era.
Mostly really bad people.

Excerpt below, long article, photos on the site:

The Stoners’ Paradise of Humboldt County Is Dreading Weed Legalization

if weed were to be legalized in California, the price of Humboldt weed would plummet, taking down local businesses with it.

The plants have become so entwined with the local economy that economists estimate a quarter of all the money made in Humboldt comes from marijuana cultivation.

And because many of the growers don’t pay taxes (or even use banks; they bury their money underground in plastic tubes and glass bottles), local services are maintained by marijuana money.

The world behind the “Redwood Curtain,” as locals refer to it, is unique in the US. Shops and restaurants admit their survival depends on the cash that weed brings to the area, and nail salons have been set up to cater to the area’s emerging group of young women—known as “pot princesses” (or, behind their backs, “potstitutes”)—who date the rich marijuana bosses.


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