“American Spring”


I believe an “American Spring” is coming to the US. You may recall the lengthy 3 hour interview with a former CIA operative now living outside the US

that I sent you. He personally knew former presidents,etc. The plan now is to hypnotize persons with endless cooking shows, reality shows, tours of candy factories, etc. Taking away assets and liberties will be presented as “trendy.” Good example is encouraging persons to move into “micro houses”, converted shipping containers as “ecofriendly.” As more and more Americans are waking up due to what they see around them the time frame for global fascism is pushed up. While globalists are moving to increasing centralization of power as with the EU, federalization of US local police, TPP (which incidentally removes worker rights), “Climate change” (global fat cat tax) the historical trend is moving in the opposite direction toward Balkanization of the planet. Liberty movements are beginning everywhere including Scotland, Catalonia, Kurdistan, Texas,etc,etc.

The 99.5% are increasingly fed up with having nothing while the less than 1% jet around throwing out slogans calling for “austerity” for everyone else. In Europe EU leaders are not elected nor is there any provision for recall. China in 2016 is beginning a score system whereby each person has a score much like a credit score. The score is increased by such activities as associating with other high score persons, engaging in approved activities, etc. A higher score will allow a person more perks and privileges, better food, and medical, etc. There are plans to bring this to the US. “Some pigs are more equal than others.” As the globalists see their power ebbing they will increase the police state and draconian measures in a desperate attempt to cling to power against the current historical trend. Many persons cannot/will not see this. In order to look and understand one must first understand and accept the concepts of both good and evil.


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