FACADE Of ‘Two-Party-System’ DROPPED – GOP Sells America Down the River – The Rush Limbaugh Show

I agree with this article by Rush Limbaugh on Republican betrayal.

USA has 2 liberal parties as I have said for decades.

Both want more government spending for their pet projects.

Both want less taxes on their supporters.

The quarrel is about who gets what and who pays.

The result is deficits and debt. The government looks like the voters. Liberal sheeple elect liberal politicians.

On Dec 17, Lothar wrote:


“There’s no mechanism. Every constitutional mechanism found in the power of the purse, Separation of Powers, the Republican Party years ago gave it away, in total fear of the Jewish-Controlled-Media.”

Peace, Lothar”Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.”
Ben Franklin

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