go offline, homeless, stateless. don’t buy. bury coins

I may have been hacked again last night using the physical cable – I have unplugged wifi. There are known criminal gangs in the area. Some may have computer skills or can hire criminals. Hard to track this down. My front door key was stolen 10 days ago from the realtor dropbox.

I will try to get rid of my internet cable subscription this week. Try to live off free wifi and my dumb phone. I am scouting around town to find good wifi hotspots. I already pay for VPN and it works on my 2 Apples: iMac and iPod. Probably need to buy a google chrome book.

I don’t need internet much except for email and to monitor bank accounts. I have lived for years without internet. I use only a small % of what I am paying for. Internet has become a tool to monitor and control the sheeple.

Need to get mobile. Sell home. Live in tents, hammocks, people’s park, hotels, rentals, sublets… Keep moving.

Move drivers license, voting, banking, to an income tax free state with beaches (Texas, Florida). Eliminate half the tax returns you have to file!

Any fixed location is bad for health and opens you up to attacks by predators.

Don’t buy anything. Minimize all paid contracts, links, and internet usage — such can be sold to crooks. There is an active market in your data. It is impossible to track and defend from their schemes.

Bury valuable $ fiat dollar coins in the desert.


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