5589 calories per dollar, inflammation,


Sunny 74 degrees today.
I walked 7 miles and then waded in the lake a half hour to absorb electrons.
Electrons are the best antioxidant – cancels free radicals that cause aging and many diseases.
Large bodies of water are the best source of electrons.
Swimming is best but just walking barefoot on wet bare ground or grass helps.

I checked the regular prices at Aldi, the German discount grocer, for flour, sugar, and soy oil.
You can get 25376 calories for $4.54 or about 5589 calories per dollar.
At minimum wage of $15 you can get 83841 calories for 1 hour of work.
At 2000 calories per day then you can get enough calories out of 1 hour of work to last over a month!
Deflation helped the obesity diabetes Alzheimers cancer… epidemics.

Government provides many subsidies to the farming / junk food industrial complex and the petroleum industry.
Hydrocarbons and Carbohydrates.

Gasoline was $1.65 on Wednesday but has deflated over 10 cents since then I guess.

Cheap gas, food, and guns are a big government conspiracy.
The rich 1% are deflating the price of gasoline, CAFO meat, GMO, flour, sugar, soy oil, and other inflammatory foods to benefit sicken the sheeple and benefit the medical-industrial complex.

Junk foods also cause brain inflammation, depression, suicide, homicide, accidents, Alzheimers,… to further benefit the medical-industrial complex.

Obamacare forces most to pay into the medical-industrial complex.

Deranged sick people cannot fight exploitation by corrupt rulers.
Indeed they even elect the corrupt rulers!

Look for the 99% poor sheeple to get poorer and sicker.
Look for the rich 1% to get richer.

price calories x servings = total
$1.79 120 x 96 = 11520 soy oil 48 fl oz
$1.27 100 x 75 = 7500 flour 5 lbs
$1.48 14 x 454 = 6356 sugar 4 lbs

$4.54 25376 calories

5589 calories per dollar

fat registers 9 kcal / g
coal ranges from 4–7 kcal / g
gasoline is 10 kca l/ g
So fat is close to gasoline, both more than coal.


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