Thyroid gluten Hashimoto disease

Good interview why sheeple get sick from flour.
The thyroid dangers – there are many other dangers from flour. Very common.
Flour is very cheap, subsidized by the government.
One third of the calories consumed in the world are wheat!
Deflated people buy deflated foods and thus deflate their health.

Free download.

The thyroid medicine levothyroxine (Synthroid) is among the top ten drugs dispensed in the US. The inevitable conclusion is that thyroid malfunction is extremely common.

Even after diagnosis and treatment, however, many people continue to feel bad. Research has found a genetic basis that explains some people’s problems with levothyroxine.

Would a new approach to treatment help? What should it be? We talk with Dr. Antonio Bianco about his research on the genetics of hypothyroidism and the complexities of T4, T3 and TSH.

Thyroid super patient Mary Shomon gives us an overview of what many individuals with hypothyroidism find helpful, and how you could make that work for you.


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