Nixa High School student dies after car runs off bridge, overturns in water

A few days after 2 dead teen girls.Both cases car rolled over in a river where victims drowned.
Poor kids in rural areas present as patients.
Rich kids in San Francisco study pre-medical, no time for football.
Top heavy SUVs Vans flip easier.
Raise driving age to 31 after college loans paid off.
Several police shootings here barely covered by news media.
Many more deaths from sugar, flour, GMO, CAFO not covered at all.

Live longer in San Francisco in a Smart Car never go over 25MPH and refill gasoline tank once per year.
Walk, study and eat healthy vegetables.

Subject: Nixa High School student dies after car runs off bridge, overturns in water

Nixa High School student dies after car runs off bridge, overturns in water

635844735683730537-Keith-Vincenzo719.JPGPhoto: Nixa Schools

Vincenzo Keith, a 16-year-old student at Nixa High School, died Saturday after a car crash in Dallas County, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report.

The vehicle, a 2003 Dodge Caravan, ran off the side of a bridge, overturning in the water, according to the online crash report. The incident took place 9 miles south of the city of Buffalo at about 1:27 p.m on Saturday.

The driver was 15-year-old Kyle Cooley, the report says, and a third occupant was 48-year-old Rachel Cooley.

Kyle and Rachel Cooley, both residents of Buffalo, suffered minor injuries, according to the report, but Keith suffered serious injuries and was transported to Mercy hospital. He later died of his injuries. All three were wearing seat belts, the report said.

Sgt. Jason Pace of the highway patrol said the road on which they were driving grades downward then has a right-hand curve prior to the bridge. The driver did not appear to be attentive to these conditions and was driving too fast, Pace said. Another car was coming the opposite way across the bridge, and Cooley swerved to avoid it and went off the side of the bridge, Pace said.

Pace said it’s his understanding that Rachel Cooley is the mother of Kyle Cooley and that Kyle had a permit to drive.

Nixa Schools spokesman Zac Rantz confirmed that Keith, a sophomore, had died.

“Many children have been affected by this news,” he wrote. “We encourage parents and families to be especially sensitive and prepared to offer support to their child during this time.”

Nixa football coach Rich Rehagen spoke highly of Keith in a statement.

“We’ve lost a great student and player. He was a great kid. A hard worker. And always had a great attitude. His team will miss him and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


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