Sardines for Victory in the War for your Mind

Eat 1 can of Sardines per day which has a 7:1 ratio.
Omega 3:6 need to be 1:1 ratio.
Sheeple eat about 1:14 thus stupidity, Autism, Alzheimer, Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, Shootings, Inflammation, Cancer, etc.
Vegetable oil is far too cheap, deflated by government support to oilseed (especially soy) farming. Deliberate?
In all processed foods soy is 1:7 so avoid getting more soy oil than sardine oil to normalize your ratio.
Sardine deficiency the 6th leading cause of death especially breast cancer and prostate cancer.
I like sardines and flaxseeds but am still very unbalanced due to nuts.
My Sami ancestors drank Reindeer milk which was balanced.
My Sioux ancestors ate Bison which were balanced.
White trash get sick for stealing land and killing Bison.


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