Get Rich, Smart and Healthy Berkeley People’s Park Telegraph Avenue

I saw a Jew beggar in Harvard Square all the time with a basket he put forward every time somebody walked by, every 10 seconds? He collected a lot of money. Sometimes I saw him back in the alley wrestling with the weight of all that money. I would guess he did not pay taxes on it and probably made more money than most professors at Harvard. He was there even on cold nights, heavy beard, lots of hair wrapped up into a beanie, old dark green wool sweaters and coats, sort of tattered and dirty but not too bad. The costume.

Lots of beggars in Berkeley too. Lots of rich college students everywhere giving beggars money, and often fancy meals to go. Every fiat coin buried is a coin that cannot be used for terrorism, drugs, usury, Obamacare, or other evil purpose.

Berkeley has huge parks all over starting at sea level and up over 1000 foot elevation, miles and miles of forests and grazing areas for large herds of cattle. No shortage of places to sleep. People’s park is the most convenient to the university, coffee shops, and restaurants. Some residents have lived in the park for decades. They would have lots of tips for other survivalists off the grid.

Telegraph Avenue is mostly restaurants and bars and coffee shops. Similar all over downtown and north side. Lots of intellectuals engaged in interesting discussions. You could easily spend 3 hours talking at each meal and the rest of the time talking in the coffee shops. Extensive library system and over 1000 seminars each week. Then the main activity, classes. It is not hard to find a group working on any worthwhile problem. Anything like Accounting, Medicine, Engineering, etc. pays very well and are important fields that USA needs to do better on.

It takes 10 years to learn to cook healthy food correctly. Not worth the effort. Just use the many restaurants in Berkeley. Let them do the work. Many students, faculty, etc. are smart, picky, and know what is healthy so restaurants have evolved to serve that market. Or some cooks such as Alice Waters Chez Panisse have lead the trend. “In 2001, Gourmet magazine named Chez Panisse the Best Restaurant in America. From 2002 to 2008 it was ranked by Restaurant magazine as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, and was ranked number 12 in 2003. In 2007, Alice Waters won Restaurant Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and was cited as one of the most influential figures in American cooking over the past 50 years


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